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About Jean

- Jean Barrett Quinn -

© Photo by Jonathan Ryder

Hi! Hello!

If you are on my ‘About me’ page then you’ll already know that I’m JBQ and I am a Humanist Wedding Celebrant.  I create and conduct bespoke, unique and non-religious Wedding Ceremonies for awesome couples in Northern Ireland! If you want to celebrate your love and your decision to choose each other for the rest of your lives, then I am the gal to write your love story, have a tonne of fun with and of course, legally marry the heck out of you too! 

© Photo by Jonathan Ryder

My Values







© Photo by MKB Photography

Originally from ROI, I threw caution to the wind in 2005 and moved to Belfast after Uni with an ex-boyfriend…. (awkward). I fell in love with the city instantly and decided to stay. A number of years later, through mutual friends, my husband and I met and there began our own love story! (Awwww) When planning our own wedding, we knew we wanted a non-religious wedding ceremony and so by the magic of Google, Humanism came into our world. Little did we know at that time how big an impact it would have on our lives and how much joy it would bring! Choosing and meeting our celebrant, crafting our ceremony together and experiencing the reality of our wedding day was such a life changing experience for me that I decided to become a Humanist Wedding Celebrant!


Meeting new couples and learning about their love story is one of the true joys in my work! I now help couples shape their authentic ceremonies to be a true reflection of them and their journey! It truly is a privilege to be a part of such an important day in so many couples lives.

Why I love my job

As of January 2020, same sex marriage became legal in Northern Ireland and now everyone has the right to marry whomever they choose. My couples feel special celebrating their unique story and their family and friends feel included. 

I make authentic connections and genuine friends with my couples and their families. There is joy to be found in every story and I have the honour of been included in their inner circle.

Working with an incredible tribe of awesome wedding suppliers inspires and challenges me daily!
I get to laugh A LOT! 

Celebranting (yes, it’s a word) allows me to split my time between writing love stories and raising my little boy with my husband. Sebastian was born a few months before Humanist ceremonies became legal in Northern Ireland. When he arrived I knew I wanted a  different work/life balance and so building awareness of Humanist Wedding Ceremonies became my focus.

My fashion style is a big part of my personality so getting ready for a ceremony is akin to getting dressed up for a friend’s wedding. It’s a BIG DEAL! Your ceremony is completely bespoke and cared for so I will always reflect that in my styling choice. Check out my Insta for regular #weddingready outfits.

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© Photo by Agape Photography

Fun facts about Jean

(you never asked for!)

I have a BA in Textile Design. 

I worked in Fashion Retail for 15 years before changing career paths. 

I hate eggs, coleslaw and ketchup with the rage of 1,000 burning suns.

When I was a teenager, I had a brown belt in Kenpo Karate. I was a member of the Irish National Team and won a couple European titles (ya know, casual like ).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my teenage heroine. 

I can recite both Ace Ventura movies by heart. 

My cats are called Ripley and Newt after characters in my fave movie. Guess the movie........

As a fully qualified and accredited celebrant through the charity Humanists UK, I mentor new Wedding and Naming celebrants throughout the UK. In keeping with the high HUK standards, once a celebrant has completed their training they must be observed conducting a ceremony to gain full accreditation. 

jean pampas wings.jpg

© Photo by Tentwentyone Photography

jean sitting laughing headshot.jpg

"I can't seem to control my face.
No stoney faced seriousness from
this celebrant. Joy is my currency"

© Photo by Jonathan Ryder

If you love what I do then let's chat!

If you have an enquiry about your wedding ceremony, hop on over to my contact form and let’s get planning! If you would like a little insight into the amazing couples I work with and behind the scenes in the life of a celebrant (spoiler alert, it’s AWESOME) then shimmy over to my socials. 


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